Shell Max Calcium Supplement

Shell Max Calcium Supplement
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Shell Max (1 litre) is a liquid feed supplement to improve egg shell thickness and strength in chickens.  Large bottle is excellent value as only a tiny amount is required in the water.

  • Includes EU approved chelated trace elements, sodium calcium and soluble sodium bicarbonate.
  • Can promote improved nutrient absorption, to produce improved shell thickness and strenth.
  • Suitable for all breeding stock and commercial layers.

Shell Max is formulated to improve shell thickness and strength during periods of nutritional stress.  Shell Max reduces shell fractures and hair line cracks, thin shelled eggs, uneven and pimpled shells. For commercial layers and breeding stock, usually about 50 weeks of age but younger if affected by decline in shell quality.  Treatment time should not be less than 7 days and is most effective when given during the second part of the photo period.

Use Shell Max to stop soft shelled eggs (soft eggs) in laying hens. 

Typical composition per litre: Calcium Lactate: 100gm; Chelated Copper: 3,000mg; Chelated Manganese: 10,000mg; Chelated Zinc: 7,000mg; Sodium Bicarbonate: 10mg; Vitamin D3: 1,500,000iu; 

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