Harkers Spartrix Tablets for Canker

Harkers Spartrix Tablets for Canker
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Ref:  AA0974
Brand:  Harkers


Harkers Spartrix – A one tablet canker treatment for Pigeons

It is important to treat parent stock before mating, as canker can be passed to the young when feeding.

Now re-packaged in a tub containing 50 tablets.

Spartrix is in a handy tablet form so pigeons can be treated individually ensuring all birds receive the required dose

50 tablets, 1 tablet per bird
Whenever canker is seen, all birds should be treated
Containing 10mg Carnidazole
Adult birds should be treated before breeding and again before racing season
Young birds should be treated with half a tablet at weaning or before flying out

Prefer to treat canker with a soluble treatment? Click here for product information on Harkanker.

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