Deli Nature Gallix Ornamental Power Mix

Deli Nature Gallix Ornamental Power Mix
 Deli Nature Gallix Ornamental Power MixDeli Nature Gallix Ornamental Power Mix 
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Deli Nature Gallix Ornamental Power Mix

Deli Nature Gallix Ornamental Power Mix is a supplementary concentrate for poultry such as bantam hens, large fowl, ornamental fowl and show pigeons (take care with grouse). As a condition-supporting feed for your animals, it will provide extra energy, protein, vitamins, amino acids, etc. GalliX Power Mix is a varied mixture of grains, wild seeds, egg cake and an extruded pellet. The mix brings your poultry up to optimum condition. It is ideal for giving your animals extra energy when they come home from shows. During the laying period, the product stimulates a healthy sex drive in your breeding animals. Your feathered friends will love this conditioning seed mix thanks to the addition of 100% natural honey. To be fed from 12 weeks.

Instructions for use

  • During the year, 3-4 times per week, a feed cup of GalliX Power Mix should be provided to your animals.
  • Before placing them in the transport container, feed them GalliX Power Mix for 3 consecutive days to bring your animals up to top condition for the show.
  • After returning from the show, feed your animals with GalliX Power Mix for 3 days.
  • During breeding, feed the product each day to improve fertilisation and sex drive.
  • Feed this every day during the moulting period as it provides extra proteins and amino acids for smooth moulting.
  • Exercise caution when giving this product to grouse and other highly-strung poultry types.
  • Always provide fresh drinking water.

Tip: You start giving the product to show pigeons, from as early as week 4.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 20.2%, crude fat 12.9%, minerals 4.5%, crude cellulose 5.3%, Vit. A 19.300 IE/kg, Vit. D 14.400 IE/kg, Vit. E 104 mg/kg

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