Flubenvet 1% Medicated Premixture

Flubenvet 1% Medicated Premixture
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Flubenvet 1% Medicated Premixture 60g

Flubenvet is licensed for use as a wormer for chickens and geese.

Flubenvet 1% is a fine powder which needs to be mixed into the feed, and used for a full 7 day period.  60g treats 20kg of feed, enough to treat 20 chickens for one treatment of 7 days, or a smaller number of chickens for multiple treatments.

To use, mix 6g of Flubenvet 1% into 2kg of feed.  If you are using layers pellets, we advise first adding a little oil to the pellets so that the powder sticks to the pellets.  Mix very thoroughly, as the amount of powder is small compared to the amount of feed.  Use the medicated feed and no other feed for a full 7 days.

This product is POM-VPS - this means that it can only be prescribed and supplied by an SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) and we require certain information from you to ensure that the product is suitable. You will be asked to supply this information during the online checkout process. 

There is no withdrawal period for eggs which means that you can continue to eat the eggs as normal while you are worming your chickens.  If you wish to eat one of the birds, you must leave it a full 7 days after the last treatment.


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