Deli Nature Dovix with Small Maize

Deli Nature Dovix with Small Maize
 Deli Nature Dovix with Small MaizeDeli Nature Dovix with Small Maize 
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Deli Nature Dovix with Small Maize

Deli Nature Dovix With Small Maize is a varied mixture for small and medium-sized breeds with small popcorn maize. Thanks to the small size of the of corn and dari in the mixture, this is extremely suitable for small, medium-sized and large varieties of show pigeons.

Composition: Dunpeas, green peas, white wheat, merano maize, dari, red sorghum, vetches, cardi, kadjang Idjoe, yellow millet, rapeseed, paddy rice, hempseed

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 15,7%, crude fat 5,2%, crude ash 2.3%, carbohydrates 57,68%, crude cellulose 6%, phosphorous 0,38%, calcium 0,09%, lysine 1,05%, methionine 0,20%

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