Deli Nature Moist Red Egg Food

Deli Nature Moist Red Egg Food
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Brand:  Beyers Deli Nature

Beyers Deli Nature

Deli Nature Moist Red Egg Food is a ready to use egg food for colour canaries, and British finches which have the red factor.  The addition of canthaxanthin and ß-carotene maintains and supports your birds’ red plumage.  The egg food is humidified with 100% natural honey. The coarse structure results in excellent absorption.

Unique qualities of the Deli Nature egg food:

  • Vitamin kernel for birds (competition has vitamin kernel developed for poultry => big eggs and flesh production)
  • 100 % natural honey => great taste (many competitors work with glucose)
  • Non gmo soy germs (unique amino acids pattern, high valuable protein source)
  • No animal fats (present in eggfood of many competitors)

The eggfood has been successfully tested with (world) champions for a year.


Eggs and egg derivatives (min. 40% egg), various sugars, bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, seeds, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats


Crude protein 17,2%, crude fat 14%, crude ash 4,3%, crude fibres 1,9%, calcium 0,6%, phosphorus 0,3%, lysine 0,72%, methionine 0,17%

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