Kasper P40 Pellets

Kasper P40 Pellets
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Kasper Faunafood P40 pigeon food, power food for pigeons

The supplementary Kasper Faunafood P40 pigeon food is a high-performance food containing over 40 essential natural nutrients. It is an ideal power food to make up any nutritional deficiencies, large and small, in all pigeons.

P40 pigeon food is the result of many years of intensive research. Within just a few weeks, you will notice:

- a significant increase in vitality
- an increase in muscle power and stamina
- an increase in resistance to infectious diseases

The pigeons have/maintain:
- top condition under the most varied conditions
- a significant increase in fertility
- a successful increase in growth
- better colour and plumage
- full development of all hereditary characteristics

For many pigeon fanciers, Kasper Faunafood P40 Pigeon food is a wonder food but it is not a substitute for proper nutrition. You will see what appropriate use of modern nutritional science in addition to proper nutrition can do for your pigeons!

Feeding advice:
. Gradually (a week to 10 days is usually sufficient) replace 1/4 to 1/3 of your normal mix of pigeon feed with P40 Pigeon food
. Fresh drinking water and grit should be available at all times
. Feed P40 Pigeon food all year round, but make the mix a little richer if you think your pigeons need it e.g.
- a few days before mating
- while rearing young
- during moulting
- before and after a long flight
. Since the composition of P40 Pigeon food makes it an ideal supplement, you can simply feed a basic mixture of healthy corn, beans and/or peas. 2 to 3 parts mixed with 1 part P40 Pigeon food will give excellent results.
. Young pigeons grow faster thanks to P40 Pigeon food and often have to be ringed a few days earlier.
. No need to add vitamin preparations.

P40 Pigeon food is ideal for periods of extreme exertion.


Yellow maïze, wheat, ext. soya bean meal, maïze glutenmeal (ca.60% raw protein), brewers yeast, glucose, alfalfameal, barley, aniseed, soya oil, diary products (ca. 1%), vitamin and mineralsupplement.

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Kasper P40 Pellets
24 August 2022  | 

This is the first time using this product, so its early days to comment on the benefits, however the birds seem to enjoy them.

Excellent service
07 January 2021  | 

Excellent fast service

12 April 2020  | 

great started using pellets the birds like it

09 January 2019  | 

first class from ordering to delivery

11 December 2018  | 

top grade pellets and super customer service

09 June 2016  | 

excellent does was it said on the packet took the birds a couple of days to get use to it but now great

Kasper P40 Pellets
08 June 2015  | 

Excellent product delivered within 5 minutes of estimated delivery time