Aves Lorinectar

Aves Lorinectar
 Aves LorinectarAves Lorinectar 
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Aves Lorinectar 900g contains all essential amino acids as a water soluble protein, and 28 essential vitamins, minerals and trace-elements for maintenance of all species of Lorinae. It contains enough protein with an excellent amino acid pattern for complete re-growth of feathers. The carbohydrates and fatty acids are completely restorable.


Put 4 spoonfuls into a jar. Fill a glass with 100 ml water. Add the water gradually to the powder, stirring with a fork. For small birds use 3 spoonfuls, you could also use an electric blender  can also be used for easier and faster preparation.

How to use

Supply a fresh solution every day. During warm weather twice daily. Fruit, berries, greens and soaked seeds in limited quantities: birds have individual preferences for these food-items. Offer at all times water for drinking and bathing.

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