Psittacus Lory Pearls

Psittacus Lory Pearls
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Psitticus Lory Pearls

Lory Pearls are a complete micro-extruded pellet formulated as a compete diet for adult parrots of the Loriini family (lorys and lorikeets). It is a great new way to feed your lorys with less mess and well balanced nutrition! Tasty for your birds and easier for you. Contains dehydrated apple pulp and dehydrated red beet. As a product that is offered dry not only is it less messy to feed, it also improves stool consistency. 

It is recommended to supplement with plenty of fresh fruit. When there are chicks in the nest, it is recommended that the parents also have at their disposal the Neonatal Frugivore or LorySpecial porridge (depending on the age of the chicks). There is no need to add any type of vitamin-mineral supplement this diet. 

Once the package is opened, it should be stored in a tightly closed container in a cool, dry place.

Analytical Constituants: Moisture 8.0%, Crude protein 16.0%, Crude fat 7.0%, Crude fiber 4.0%, Crude ash 3.9

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