Psittacus Maintenance Minor

Psittacus Maintenance Minor
 Psittacus Maintenance MinorPsittacus Maintenance Minor 
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Psittacus Minor Maintenance Formula is formulated for small parrot species including Lovebirds (Agapornis), Kakarikis (Cyanoramphus), Small Conures (Pyrrhura) and Parrotlets (Forpus),

In the wild these specices consume a great diversity of foods such as seeds, fruit, berries, leaves, buds and even some invertebrates.

It is formulated for the non-reproductive / resting periods, not during breeding. Its composition meets the nutritional requirements of the birds during this time.

It is designed to constitute 100 % of the parrot’s diet. In order to give variety to the diet, other foods like fruit and vegetables can be added, as long as the proportion of Minor is not less than 70 % of the overall diet by weight.

Daily intake ranges from 10 to 18 % of the animal’s body weight.

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