Versele Laga Nutribird T16 Pellets

Versele Laga Nutribird T16 Pellets
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Versele Laga Nutribird T16 Pellets

T16 pellets are formulated as a complete and balanced diet for toucans and other large frugivorous birds. They are based on a selection of fresh fruits and cereals and are a great alternative to feeding soley fresh fruit and veg. 

Advantages of pellets

  • No spillage due to searching for preferred seeds
  • No loss of food through shelled seeds
  • Supplementation not necessary
  • Healthier birds and more young produced.

Analytical composition: Protein 16%, Fat content 8%, Crude fibre 4.50%, Crude ash 5%, Calcium 0.90%, Phosphorus 0.60%, Methionine 0.30%, Lysine 0.80%, Threonine 0.55%, Tryptophan 0.20%, Cystine 0.30%

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