Large Parakeet Sticks with Honey x 2

Large Parakeet Sticks with Honey x 2
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The large parakeet sticks are exceptional quality, specially formulated to meet the needs and taste of your birds. It is an excellent source of vitamins, trace elements and minerals essential for good health and proper growth. The stick has a wooden core which helps to keep your bird’s beak in shape. It allows pets to pick seeds themselves like they do in the wild. “Feeding” becomes fun and makes your pet happy.

Product made from natural ingredients using traditional baking methods.


wheat, flour, millet, husk-free oats, oats flakes, red millet, honey 4%, striped sunflower seeds, linseed, safflower seeds, maize, buckwheat, hemp   

vit. B1  0,8 mg/kg
vit. B2  3,0 mg/kg
vit. B6  1,5 mg/kg
vit. K3  1,5 mg/kg
vit. C    20,0 mg/kg


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