Versele Laga NutriBird H16 (Hornbill)

Versele Laga NutriBird H16 (Hornbill)
 Versele Laga NutriBird H16 (Hornbill)Versele Laga NutriBird H16 (Hornbill) 
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Brand:  Versele Laga NutriBird

Versele Laga NutriBird

Versele laga Nutribird H16 (Hornbill)

These extruded pellets are a complete diet designed for hornbills with all the nutrients your birds need. As these are completely consumable it can help prevent selective eating behaviours. These are made with fruits and vegetables which are low in iron to prevent iron storage disease. Iron Storage Disease is a frequently occurring problem with frugivorous and insectivorous birds, helping to negate this risk is one of the reasons this product is recommended by veterinarians and used worldwide by ornithological parks and top breeders.


cereals, vegetable protein extracts, seeds, oils and fats, sugars, minerals, fruit (apple 7%*, cranberry 2%*, elderberry 1%*), MOS, yeasts
*dehydrated fruits and vegetables, % equivalent before drying

Analytical constituents:

protein 16%, fat content 8%, crude fibre 3%, crude ash 4.5%, calcium 0.8%, phosphorus 0.6%, iron 85 ppm

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