Arcadia E27 PureSun Compact Reflector Kit (includes bulb)

Arcadia E27 PureSun Compact Reflector Kit (includes bulb)
 Arcadia E27 PureSun Compact Reflector Kit (includes bulb)Arcadia E27 PureSun Compact Reflector Kit (includes bulb) 
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Arcadia PureSun E27 UV Bird Bulb LightArcadia PureSun E27 UV Bird Bulb Light

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Arcadia PureSun E27 Compact Reflector Kit (includes bulb)

Ready to go - everything you need to provide a complete full spectrum & UV-B lighting system for cage birds and parrots

PureSun-CompactKit is the latest evolution in effective compact fluorescent lighting technology by Arcadia Bird.  PureSun Compact Kit arrives as standard with the PureSun Compact reflector hood and clip on metal safety grill, bolt secured cage adapter with switched lamp holder and a genuine Arcadia Bird PureSun Compact E27 20W lamp bulb.

  • Produces excellent natural colours and iridescence
  • 2.4% UVB and 30% UVA for optimal avian use
  • Improves feeding and breeding behaviour
  • Full spectrum

Kit includes:

  • Light Fitting
  • Highly Efficient Reflector
  • PureSun Compact Lamp Bulb (E27)
  • Lamp Holder & Bracket
  • Safety Grill

Our uniquely designed bolt through cage lamp holder ensures safety and stability through our anti-tamper two-part wire clamp. The lamp holder itself is fitted with a switch for ease of use but you can also use good quality timers to set a photoperiod. The clip-on safety grill has been designed to allow as much light through into the cage whilst also protecting the lamp.  PureSun-CompactKit can be used over most small to medium sized wire cages and for smaller species of bird. These include Budgerigars and other small parakeets, smaller Parrots such as Senegal’s and Meyers, Canaries, finches, small doves and more.


Compact lamps of the correct design can produce a large amount of essential light, they are easy to use and flicker free, needing no external ballast nor control. However, they have always had large limitations in pet care, the greatest being a lack of suitable reflectors. The lack of an effective reflector has made compact lighting for birds and other animals almost unusable and in some cases, quite dangerous as it equated to large scale incorrect use in aviculture and herpetoculture, using bare lamps protruding into the living space and a reduction in downward flow of energy.

PureSun-CompactKit has been created through complex and detailed computerised modelling in order to both capture and to allow as much light to travel downwards from the fitting as possible. In doing so we have been able to fix a historic issue and to bring an easy to use and affordable reflector kit to our hobby.

Where provided lighting should always be fitted directly above the head and at the correct distance from the bird/animal, per species need. Lamps should never be fitted in a way where a lamp is side on to the eye but should be fitted so that as much light can travel downwards as possible.

Arcadia Bird and Reptile compact lamps have been made to the highest standard, using German technology, being flicker free, UV-C free and in the important ‘3U’ design. Unlike pigtail type compacts which are almost impossible to use, ‘3U’ lamps have a greater outward surface area and as such emit more light in the right direction. However, having 3 ‘U’ shaped loops up to 2 of these loops can be facing in the wrong direction. This equates to a lack of light and overall efficiency. PureSun-CompactKit has been designed to reflect as much light as possible from all surfaces of the lamp. This means that our exclusive reflector allows effective and safe use with clean and UVI stable illumination below.


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