Arcadia PureSun Mini Kit 8w 30cm (includes bulb)

Arcadia PureSun Mini Kit 8w 30cm (includes bulb)
Arcadia PureSun Mini Kit 8w 30cm (includes bulb)Arcadia PureSun Mini Kit 8w 30cm (includes bulb)Arcadia PureSun Mini Kit 8w 30cm (includes bulb)
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Arcadia PureSun Mini Kit 8W 30cm Kit (including bulb)

Complete lighting system for small cage birds

The Arcadia Bird ‘PureSun-Mini’ complete lighting system is an easy to use, modern and attractive Full-Spectrum + UV-B kit. This attractive kit will not only help to provide naturally for your pet bird, but it will also allow you to view your bird in the most natural way.

  • Produces excellent natural colours and iridescence
  • 2.4% UVB and 12% UVA for optimal avian use
  • Improves feeding and breeding behaviour
  • Full spectrum

An easy to fit complete kit compromising:

  • Light fitting
  • Reflector
  • T5 bird lamp
  • Acrylic bracket 

Fitting Multiple Units

PureSun-Mini bird lighting kits can even be linked up if you have more than one cage. Simply use a Mini Link Cable to power one kit from another without having to find extra wall sockets.  The Arcadia Bird PureSun-Mini Bird lighting system can be easily linked or ‘daisy-chained’ from one kit to another. If you have more than one cage (up to 10 in 1 chain) you can use the link cable to power one kit from another without having to find another wall socket.  The Optional cable is 1.2m long and will allow you to place your cages apart at a safe distance should you wish to.

If you have a pet bird or birds that are allowed time out of the cage and are inclined to chew, it is a good idea to invest in some extra slip over cable protection for all of the cables that supply the PureSun-Mini kit.  We have included some clips inside of the kit to help you keep power cables away from the bars. Please do take care to ensure that chewing birds are not able to reach power cables at any time.

UV Lighting

Bird use the suns energy for warmth, to view the world in colour and to be able to make their own essential Vitamin D3. Having optimal levels of Vitamin D3 within the body will help to keep your pet bird in good health. Vitamin D3, made in the body after exposure to UV-B also enables a bird to assimilate, store and use essential minerals such as Calcium.

Having access to natural D3 will not only help to protect your bird’s brain, organ and muscle function but it will also help to greatly increase bone density, improve egg quality, reduce ‘soft-shell’, improve reproduction and maintain feather condition.

Birds also use Sunlight to ‘activate’ natural colour vision. The Arcadia Bird Lamp contains the correct balance of UV-A which enables this. UV-A is also important within the natural UV-B to D3 cycles where it plays an important role in the natural self-regulation of D3 production.

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