Versele Laga Yel-lux

Versele Laga Yel-lux
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Versele Laga

Versele Laga Yel-lux

Versele Laga Yel-lux is a natural yellow colorant based on luteine. This dietary supplement intensifies the yellow colour of the plumage and increases the resistance. As feathers consist of dead cells and are consequently not fed by the metabolism, they absorb the colour when they are formed. On average, the plumage is changed once a year, however, not always all at the same time. The moulting of the old feathers is stimulated by the formation of new ones and this is a gradual process so that the bird keeps a full plumage.

When Yel-Lux is added to the food it is transported to the place where the feather is growing and it takes on the more intense yellow colour. The feather formed retains its colour until the formation of a new feather. Yel-Lux is not water-soluble and must therefore be mixed in the food.

Directions for use

Yel-Lux should always be given in the feed and never in the drinking water.

1 level measure (=1g) per 100g of eggfood.

  • During the breeding season: daily from 2 weeks before laying the first egg until after the moult.
  • During the moulting: daily for the entire period.
  • Show birds: daily for the entire show season.

In bloodlines that naturally have a strong yellow colour, or if the food offered is already rich in xanthophyll pigments (rapeseed, fresh egg yolk etc.), it may be sufficient to give only half the dosage from 2 weeks of age (1g per 200g eggfood).


Tagetes erecta L., Calcium lactate, Dextrose, Colourants

Technological Additives


Sensory additives

Lutein 8000 mg

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