Barrier Louse Powder 500g

Barrier Louse Powder 500g
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Barrier Louse Powder for Chickens is an essential for chicken keepers on any scale. 

Barrier Animal Healthcare's Livestock Louse Powder is an insect repellent for amateur use against sucking lice and biting lice by direct application to Cattle, Horses, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, Birds and other small pets.

Grey/brown in colour and the size of a pinhead, both blood sucking and biting lice live on the surface of the skin and are just visible with the naked eye.  Part the hair or feathers and look for movement at the base of the hair or feathers.

Why use Barrier Animal Healthcare's Livestock Louse Powder for Poultry?

  • This highly efficient repellent effectively rids the animal or bird of both types of lice, which are normally dealt with separately.
  • It can be applied direct to animals and birds
  • Suitable for use in organic farming systems
  • Can help prevent the reduced growth rates which may result from lice infestation
  • Does not taint eggs
  • Does not contain Permethrin or Pyrethrum

This formuation contains slow release granules that can last for up to six weeks after application, depending on weather conditions. Barrier Animal Healthcare is the only company to use Sterilizable Maize as a carrier, and unlike other carriers, it will not metabolise via cuts, abrasions, scabs, grazes and dry flaky skin areas and form granulomas.

See and smell the difference!

Contains Citral.

Directions for use:

Apply Barrier Louse Powder liberally, working into the whole of the body, paying particular attention to the neck, along the backbone and further affected areas.

Avoid eyes, nasal area and open wounds.  Use sparingly on small pets.

Repeat as necessary, depending on infestation and weather conditions.

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