H24 Aqua Life

H24 Aqua Life
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Aqua Life is a professional formulation created specifically for birds’ daily baths, replacing the natural way a bird would bathe. Its formula is rich in active ingredients bio-available to the keratinic structure of the feathers and skin. This special solution is essential for the well-being and health of birds bred in captivity.  It intensifies the natural colour of the feathers, giving a compact and silky appearance even after the first treatment. Regular use of the product creates a natural barrier against parasites thanks to the natural hydration of the plumage. It does not contain chemical elements which could be dangerous to the birds’ health. Contents: aloe which, thanks to its soothing, tonic and hydrating properties of the lymph contained in its leaves quickly revitalizes the plumage. It is an anti-stress in cases of dehydration and withering of the feathers and skin, it also gives a soothing action in cases of skin inflammation. Keratin is made of amino-acids, for this reason it is used for frail, weakened and faded feathers. Keratin also strengthens the feathers, improving their look and shine. Directions for use: pour the product into the bird bath and position it in an appropriate place for the birds to use. This product can be left for the birds’ use until it does not become too dirty. Alternatively, vaporize the product accurately over the bird at a distance of 20/30 cm. Spray all the bird’s plumage well and leave to dry naturally. Repeat the treatment daily for a perfect cleanliness of the feathers. This product is absolutely harmless to birds, it can be swallowed or sprayed in the eyes without any risk to health.


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Bird bathing.
23 October 2019  | 

I have used this added to the water for the birds bath,has made a difference to the birds (budgies).Although early days the product looks good and the birds feathering is showing a tightness of feather and the sheen off the feather.