H24 Special Care Ointment 50ml

H24 Special Care Ointment 50ml
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Special care is an ointment specifically created to soften and moisturise birds’ claws. It is a highly specialized balsam which also contains essential oils such as thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus to give it its natural scent. This mixture of natural ingredients creates the perfect natural remedy which cleans and disinfects the skin leaving it elastic without scaliness. The regular use of this product creates a natural barrier against parasites. It does not contain any chemical substances that are harmful to birds. Contents: it contains a mixture of essential oils: camomile, elicrise, hypericum, rosemary, thyme, allantoin. Tips for use special care can be used regularly throughout the year and especially for subjects which are exposed to harsh conditions. Spread some of the product on to the claws and gently massage it in. Repeat the treatment daily if the claws are very scaly

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