Beyers 7/78 Enzymix Sport Diet

Beyers 7/78 Enzymix Sport Diet
 Beyers 7/78 Enzymix Sport DietBeyers 7/78 Enzymix Sport Diet 
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Brand:  Beyers Belgium

Beyers Belgium

Beyers 7/78 Enzymix Sport Diet (20kg)

Diet mixture for pigeons, enriched with enzymes for optimal digestion, maximum absorption of nutrients and reduction of the droppings.

A light but high-fat mix for pigeons in the racing season. Amongst others successfully used by Edwin Hoogland (‘t Loo-Oldebroek - NL).

Composition: Safflower 22%, white dari 15%, red sorghum 15%, buckwheat 5%, pigeon rice 5%, yellow millet 5%, peeled oats 5%, white seed 5%, hemp seed 5%, linseed 5%, paddy rice 5%, white wheat 5%, mung beans 3% ;

Analysis: carbohydrates 49,76%, crude protein 13,23%, crude fat 11,83%, crude fibre 11,15%, crude ash 2,33%, lysine 0,41%, phosphor 0,27%, methionine 0,20%, calcium 0,05%

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