Beyers Galaxy Sport Light

Beyers Galaxy Sport Light
 Beyers Galaxy Sport LightBeyers Galaxy Sport Light 
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Brand:  Beyers Belgium

Beyers Belgium

Beyers Galaxy Sport Light is an easy digestible, yet extremely rich in energy racing mixture, which forms the basis of the diet of your pigeons in the racing season. The pigeons will train perfectly and can be raced without problem up to distances of 400 kilometres with just this mix. As a result it is also an ideal mix for youngsters. The base of the mixture is based on the principle paddy rice – white dari - safflower supplemented with four different kinds of maize and enriched with fat-rich seeds and grains such as peeled sunflower seeds, hemp seeds (hemp), linseed, rapeseed and canary seed. Naturally, the protein metabolism may not be neglected and in addition to the proteins that the fat-rich seeds contain also vetches and mung beans were added to guarantee that the pigeons take in enough protein and do not collapse after a number of races


Cardy 12%, paddy rice 12%, white sorghum 12%, Bordeaux maze 8%, cribbs maize 8%, small cribbs maize 8%, Merano maize 6%, peeled oats 5%, white wheat 5%, peeled sunflower seeds 4%, peeled barley 4%, hemp seed 3%, vetches 2%, linseed 2%, white seed 2%, mung beans 2%, balck rape 2%, white Millet 2%, Mmarien thistle 1%


Ruw eiwit 12,49%, Ruw vet 10,91%, Ruwe as 2,14%, Vocht 11,08%, Koolhydraten 54,23%, Ruwe celstof 7,80%, Fosfor 0,31%, Calcium 0,07%, Natrium 0,01%, suiker & zetmeel 47,99%, lysine 0,41%, methionine 0,20%, methionine & cystheine 0,39% Chloor 0,02%, Magnesium 0,07%, Kalium 0,18%

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Good service
30 July 2020  | 

Excellent service with a good product I particularly like the fact you can view the corn on Garden feathers web page a big plus I think