Beyers Galaxy Energy

Beyers Galaxy Energy
 Beyers Galaxy EnergyBeyers Galaxy Energy 
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Brand:  Beyers Belgium

Beyers Belgium

Beyers Galaxy Energy is an energetic mixture that is gladly digested by your pigeons right up to when the birds depart for a race. Sport Energy provides your pigeons with the energy required to compete, when given the last two to six feedings before basketing (depending on distance and circumstances), for the heavy middle distance, long distance and extreme long distance. To keep your pigeons eating well, this mixture was made as versatile as possible. No less than six different sorts of maize contain the necessary carbohydrates, while no less than nine different seeds and grains meet the increased need for fats. The leading role in this mixture is reserved for the peeled sunflower seeds, that are not only extremely high in fat, but also very gladly eaten by the birds.


Peeled sunflower seeds 10%, toasted soy 6%, Bordeaux maize 5%, Merano maize 5%, hemp seed 5%, peeled oats 5%, white wheat 5%, cribbs maize 5%, small cribbs maize 5%, cardy 5%, paddy rice 5%, popcorn maize 5%, vetches 4%, linseed 4%, white seed 4%, Plata maize 4%, brown rice 4%, mung beans 3%, black rape 2%, rapeseed 2%, marien thistle 2%, yellow millet 2%, sesame seed 2%, white Millet 1%


Ruw eiwit 16,44%, Ruw vet 16,10%, Ruwe as 2,76%, Vocht 10,55%, Koolhydraten 43,11%, Ruwe celstof 6,68%, Fosfor 0,42%, Calcium 0,15%, Natrium 0,01%, suiker & zetmeel 38,21%, lysine 0,65%, methionine 0,28%, methionine & cystheine 0,51%, Chloor 0,01%, Magnesium 0,08%, Kalium 0,19%

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