Herban Liquid 1 Litre

Herban Liquid 1 Litre
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Herban™ UK provides natural solutions for poultry consisting of nutrients which address modern day challenges in production. Herban™ UK offers cost effective, safe technology to reach optimum performance genetic goals in a progressive business environment.

The livestock industry is looking at the natural plant extracts to maintain gut integrity of their stock.  Research proves that the effects of essential oils can play a part in the management of gut flora.

Herban™ is a concentrated mix of Oregano Oil which supports the health status of the animal.  The production process starts in mainland Europe where the Oregano is cultivated and harvested under organic conditions. On harvest during the summer months, the plant is dried, emulsified and the oil is steam extracted via distillation from the raw material.

Oil is quality control tested, graded to specific standards, to ensure the highest quality oil is used for the formulation of Herban™.  The oil is further blended with a specialised carriers and demineralised water to provide a unique liquid for animal health.  The key active ingredients are Carvacol & Thymol, which offer a phenol effect in the gut of the animal on consumption.

The activity of the oil blend is to degrade the cell wall of the harmful bacteria, allowing the villi (gut wall) to mature to maximum potential.  With greater surface area of the villi, it allows better absorption of nutrients in turn resulting in optimising better growth rates, and with healthy animals there is a reduction in mortality.

The Benefits of Herban™ in Liquid form are :

  • Maintains gut health flora
  • Improves feed intake allowing better absorption of nutrients
  • Optimises growth rates
  • Helps during stress period by encouraging feed and water intake
  • Anti-Diarrhoea effect
  • No residues
  • Non Resistance to bacteria
  • No withdrawal time
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Herban liquid.
17 January 2018  | 

Thank you for my order.Very pleased.