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A range of poultry tonics and poultry supplements are available to supplement chicken health throughout the year.  There are liquid tonics for use in drinking water, and powdered supplements for use in feed.  Chicken tonics and supplements are often used to help chickens through the moult.

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Herban Liquid Avian (Oregano)

Herban Liquid Avian (Oregano)£9.99  -  £15.99

Apple Cider Vinegar ACV

Apple Cider Vinegar ACV£4.99  -  £12.50

Battles Poultry Spice 450g

Herban Liquid

Vetark Avipro Avian

Vetark Avipro Avian£8.99  -  £19.99

Shell Max Calcium Supplement

Life Guard Poultry Tonic

Life Guard Poultry Tonic£13.50  -  £19.99

Poultry CalciBoost Powder - The Birdcare Company

Battles Poultry Drink

Net-Tex Vit Boost Plus Poultry Tonic

Davinova C Calcium Supplement

Davinova C Calcium Supplement£7.99  -  £17.99

Net-Tex Mineral Powder for Chickens

Garlic Granules

Red Stop Solution

Red Stop Solution£5.49  -  £20.49

Vetark Zolcal D

Vetark Zolcal D£7.99  -  £19.99

Aviform Calciform Calcium

Aviform Calciform Calcium£19.95  -  £39.95

Carrs Ad-Herb Original (Oregano)

Carrs Ad Herb Aqua (Oregano)

Carrs Ad Herb Aqua (Oregano)£9.50  -  £50.00

Carrs Natravit Multivitamin

Carrs Natravit Multivitamin£8.99  -  £27.00

Carrs Purifying Oils (Garlic)

Carrs Purifying Oils (Garlic)£4.99  -  £15.50

NAF Cod Liver Oil

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Page 1 of 2:    27 Items