Psittacus Hand Feeding Parrot

Psittacus Hand Feeding Parrot
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Brand:  Psittacus


PSITTACUS® Parrot Hand Feeding Formula is a versatile formula for hand-rearing some of the smaller common parrot species like Ring-necked and Asiatic Parakeets, Conures, Quaker Parakeets and Australian parrots (except cockatoos).  It is designed to be used from the moment pin feathers emerge until weaning. It is formulated to constitute 100 % of the baby bird’s daily diet during that period. This will help ensure your baby bird will get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to support growth. PSITTACUS® Parrot Hand Feeding contains the vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for your baby bird’s health, and thus, no other vitamins or supplements must be offered.

This parrot hand feeding formula is not suitable for species with high fat requirements or species belonging to the family Cacatuidae (cockatoos) and the tribe Loriini (lories and lorikeets); Psittacus produce other specialist hand feeding formula for these species.  

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